In perfumery, it is ambergris that interests perfumers. To the naked eye, ambergris stone is grayish, light and resembles a pumice stone. It is, however, a very rich and very rare material. Ambergris comes from the sperm whale. It is a kind of "calculation" that the sperm whale expels naturally when it has eaten too many octopuses and squids. The smell of ambergris varies depending on the origin of the stone blocks and their floating time. As a result, amber offers many facets. Woody, camphoric, animal smells; smells of tobacco, musk, but also notes of sea, seaweed, sea urchins ... Either way, ambergris is renowned for its warm notes. Amber gives warmth, tenacity and even a sweet sensuality to the wearer. It goes particularly well with notes such as vanilla, sandalwood, labdanum, white musk and we will therefore find it in oriental fragrances. Ambergris is an excellent fixer and brings real harmony to each fragrance. It is true that amber, like other animal materials, is a pheromone and acts directly on the wearer. An undeniable asset for perfumers!


It is one of the ingredients present in our Taurus , Gemini , Leo , Scorpio , Sagittarius , fragrance!

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