The Designers

Claire Naa

She is a blonde, green-eyed Taurus. Claire is a visionary who lives in London. Sweet, cool, tireless, and creative, Claire Naa is the designer of three other jewelry brands which are: Origami Jewelery, Braï Jewelery and Nanananaa. With Astrodisiac, she wanted to go beyond her knowledge of jewelry, to explore the world of perfumes. A brand that she wanted to share with another woman with a strong personality:

Charlotte Pavé _

She is a brunette, brown eyes Leo. Charlotte is a sporty, dynamic and adventurous woman who lives in Paris. Frank, enthusiastic, determined and rigorous, Charlotte is specialized in large-scale jewelry making and is passionate about astrology. She therefore brought all her know-how and all her energy to join this concept which has become, thanks to the synergy of the two energies, a beautiful reality.