Among the raw materials that are frequently used in perfumery, there is lavender. Originally from the west of the Mediterranean basin, the Romans already used lavender as a bath fragrance and for storing linen. The use of lavender for the creation of perfume is already common in Provence, since the Middle Ages, the development of its culture actually began in the 19th century.

Distributed in ears, lavender is cultivated on a sunny and dry calcareous ground. To produce lavender essential oil, you can use a traditional method that requires drying beforehand. This method of distillation is useful for producing fine lavender. It is also possible to carry out a distillation in crushed green, without drying the lavender flower, which has been applied since 1990 in order to increase productivity. The lavender flower is distilled immediately after picking it. The result is woody, aromatic, fresh, floral, camphoric notes with a slight scent of mushroom.

It is one of the ingredients present in our Gemini , Cancer, Capricorn , fragrances!

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