Myrtle is a sacred plant from antiquity associated with the goddess of love which, in addition to its many medicinal virtues, brought happiness to newlyweds. This Mediterranean maquis plant with honeyed scents and peppery flowers was already used for the beauty of its scents by the Romans! From the aromatic family, myrtle is now widely used in perfumery, which uses it mainly with chypre or oriental notes. The scents of myrtle also evoke, of course, the delicate scents of the Mediterranean coasts where it still grows today. Quite logically therefore, myrtle is one of the ideal raw materials for woody or citrusy juices that want to exhale the sweet scents of the South. It is therefore difficult to ignore that myrtle is the raw material of perfumes in search of aromatic, fresh and biting notes or even more sweet and flowery.

It is one of the ingredients present in our Cancer , fragrance!

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