Oak moss

Real oak moss is a lichen: an alliance between a fungus and an algae. This lichen grows only on the north face of trees, in places far from civilization. Oak moss is found on different trees, such as pines, firs, willows, cedars and some fruit trees.

Oakmoss gives off a more than complex smell. There are around 80 different smelling substances, so much so that no synthetic component can exactly reproduce the smell of oak moss.

Its fragrance is earthy, humid, moldy, woody, even slightly smoky. The smell of oak moss can make us think of mushrooms, undergrowth, leaves, but also marine notes like seaweed ...

Oakmoss is often used in base notes, as a fixer for volatile notes. For the diversity of scents it brings, oakmoss is very popular with "noses". It is mainly used in amber and chypre fragrances. It brings warmth, intensity, richness and depth to it.

In addition, oak moss goes perfectly with flowers, citrus fruits, fruits, vanilla and resinous accords. We can exceptionally find it in an oriental perfume ... This is what makes oak moss, an essential material that perfume creators love.

It is one of the ingredients present in our Aries , Taurus fragrances!

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