Pink Pepper

Pink pepper or Pink berries are the fruits of several species of shrubs in the genus Shinus that are used as a spice. The pink berries offer very spicy notes, a bit like those of pepper, but more spicy.

Despite this power, pink berries are renowned and highly sought after for their delicate fragrance. They also have anise and sweet notes, and are also appreciated for being an excellent color chart. Indeed, they are used to enhance a floral accord that is too heady or too discreet.

The pink berries are integrated into sensual feminine compositions. They are often associated with floral notes. They then offer their sweet side and the result is a fragrance mixed between purity and sensuality.

Spicy, strong, but also marked by sweetness, pink berries are very popular with perfume designers.

It is one of the ingredients present in our Aries , Taurus , Virgo , fragrances!

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