Brand History

Our beginning

We found the inspiration out of love, out of the desire and the need to become aphrodisiacs. Imagine a perfume that sticks to your skin and magnifies your personality. Every individual has something to reveal: A talent, an audacity, a shyness, a wisdom, a sweetness, an extravagance... It is these characteristics, specific to each, inherent in the birth and represented by the zodiac signs that we wanted to accentuate with Astrodisiac.

Our perfumes

Twelve delicate, subtle, powerful and bewitching fragrances reflecting the diversity of personalities in the world. You will find on the packaging of our perfumes the personality traits according to your sign and the ingredients conforming to each signs: air, water, earth or fire.

Our jewels

In addition to the perfumes, we created twelve medallions necklaces with the symbol of each of the zodiac signs. Our jewels are designed with a plating of 3 microns of gold, so that you can perfume it without altering its shine.